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July 10, 2023
Priceless Advantages: Why We Need To Nurture Emirati Talent In The Hospitality Industry
As the founder of a homegrown hospitality consultancy brand, nurturing Emirati talent within the sector is a subject that is of the utmost importance to me. Indeed, at my enterprise, Ròya, we do all we can to encourage more Emiratis to take up positions in the hospitality industry.

Dubai is home to one of the most dynamic, growing, and ever-changing tourism and hospitality sectors in the world. The Emirate boasts almost 800 premium hotels suitable for travelers of all tastes and backgrounds, and new destinations continue to open on a regular basis.

In these 800 hotels, I would like to see at least 800 Emiratis taking on managerial positions.

Currently, we are a long way away from achieving that figure, and I hope more hotel operators will do more to attract, train and up-skill local talents. After all, the benefits of hiring local Emiratis are endless.

Hotels can benefit considerably from their knowledge of the UAE, and their understanding of its culture, heritage, and traditions. Guests will immediately notice and appreciate their unique bond with their home country, and their genuine passion and love for it.

Few things make me happier than seeing Emirati employees sharing tales and stories about the UAE with guests. I have no doubt that Emiratis are the best people to showcase the fascinating history, customs, art, and landscapes of the UAE, and highlight its unique charm to the rest of the world.

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