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May 30, 2023
Interview: Ròya International’s Ahmed Ramdan on the changing face of the region’s hospitality sector

The founder of the home-grown hospitality firm shares his company’s milestones and how hospitality in the GCC is poised for further growth

Ahmed Ramdan values a strong work ethic, solution-oriented approach, and above all, discretion. It’s key to his business and success, he says.

Ramdan is, however, quite vocal and passionate about the stupendous growth of the region’s hospitality and tourism sectors, as well as his dream to see more Emiratis pursue a career in hospitality.

Considered one of the early architects of Dubai’s hospitality industry, Ramdan has seen the Emirates transform and evolve at the helm of Ròya International Hospitality & Leisure Consultants, a company he founded in 1998.

More than 25 years later, the home-grown company has emerged as one of the region’s top hospitality firms.

Speaking to us at his office on Sheikh Zayed Road, the veteran hotelier engaged us with his anecdotes, analyses, and insights – weaving a compelling narrative of the company’s growth over two decades, hospitality trends that will impact both investors and consumers, and his vision for the future.

However, looking into the future, Ramdan has made a decision. He wants to be more of a voice, a bit more vocal, and hopefully, become someone that others in the industry, whether new to the game or experienced, can follow.

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