Our People

Roya Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

Welcome to the heart of Roya – our people. At Roya, we believe that our success is a direct reflection of the commitment, passion, and enthusiasm our employees bring to their work each day. This dedication is a testament to our Employee Value Proposition (EVP), a set of principles that drive and define the experiences of our Roya family. We’re thrilled to share the core elements of our EVP with you:


OUR Voice Shapes Our EVP

Our EVP isn’t just a document; it’s a living, breathing philosophy that has been meticulously designed with invaluable input from all our employees. All feedback, comments, and insights have played a pivotal role in shaping this EVP, making it a reflection of what truly matters to us in terms of motivation. We believe that involving our employees in its formulation is the first step in making it a powerful tool for their motivation.


Igniting and Sustaining Motivation

The primary goal behind our EVP is to create transparency and clarity regarding the factors that ignite and sustain the motivation while working at Roya. We want our employees to understand what drives us as an organization and how their aspirations align with the Company mission. Our EVP acts as a compass, guiding both, our employees and the Company towards a shared vision of a motivating work environment.

How It Will Be Used:

Shaping the Roya Brand

Our EVP isn’t just a behind-the-scenes document; it’s an integral part of our identity. It will be incorporated into various aspects of our organization. It will serve as a guiding principle for us in attracting and retaining talented individuals who resonate with our EVP. Additionally, it will become an integral part of the Roya brand, being showcased on various social media platforms. This isn’t just a promise; it’s a commitment to our employees, our most important asset.

The Roya EVP Narrative:

Your Journey at Roya

“By being self-driven, gain diverse work experiences, and create your own story at Roya in a transparent, open, family, and solution-oriented company.”

This narrative encapsulates the essence of our EVP and sets the tone for our shared journey towards creating a thriving, motivating work environment. You’re not just an employee; you’re a storyteller, and Roya is the canvas for your narrative.

The Four Roya EVP Categories and Indicators

Our EVP is divided into four key categories, each with its own set of indicators to guide us on our path:

1. Family Oriented, Collaborative, Enterprising (Entrepreneurial)

  • Experience the warmth of a family atmosphere.
  • Feel valued and secure in your job.
  • Experience transparency and open communication.
  • Connect with colleagues on an informal, social level.
  • Be yourself and make a meaningful difference.

2. Nothing is Impossible
We Get Things Done (Action)

  • Approach challenges with a solution-oriented mindset.
  • Exhibit quick and proactive responses to evolving problems.
  • Engage in proactive problem-solving.
  • Always strive to improve and innovate.

3. Learn, Stretch, and Grow Through Engaging Work (Growth)

  • Gain diverse work experiences.
  • Work with many different prestigious clients and brands.
  • Enjoy an open environment for learning and collaboration.
  • Experience rapid individual growth and development within a short time frame.

4. Latitude for Impact
Create Your Own Story (Impact)

  • Enjoy the freedom to take initiative.
  • Craft your unique career growth and impact.
  • Forge your path in an ever-evolving environment.

We invite you to explore each of these categories and indicators as they are more than just words; they are the guiding principles that shape the Roya experience.